Russian telecom regulator roskomnadzor

In russia, apart from the 15 licensed betting operators, there have been countless external operators that offer the sports betting facility through their websites. Russian regulator roskomnadzor told google it must curb use of its video platform youtube for promotion of opposition rallies, after sanctioned protests in moscow ended up with some activists being spurred to take illegal action. Federal service for supervision in the sphere of telecom, information technologies and mass communications (roskomnadzor).

Russian telecom regulator blacklists itself rt viral.

The federal service for supervision of communications, information technology and mass media (russian федеральная служба по надзору в сфере связи, информационных технологий и массовых коммуникаций) or roskomnadzor (russian роскомнадзор) is the. Roskomnadzor had asked google to link with the federal state information system and block the companies and domains blacklisted there. The operators can now exchange data with the watchdog by interconnecting it-systems.

Russian telecom regulator roskomnadzor

President vladimir putins internet adviser has recommended for russias media regulator to apologize for wreaking havoc while trying to block the popular telegram messaging service in the. In an apparent error russias telecom regulator has attempted to ban an ip address reserved for this computer, an online freedom watchdog noticed. Dalai lama says tibetan people should decide on his succession.

Russian telecom regulator blocks 4 messenger services.

Russian federal telecommunications regulator roskomnadzor has blocked access to four messengers in russia. Well, good initiative! Roskomnadzor, the russian telecom regulator, has filed a case against google, for its failure to comply with local requirement of blocking illegal russian gambling domains.

Russian telecom regulator roskomnadzor

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Upstate new york bitcoin. Munger warren buffett wells. Russian federal telecom regulator roskomnadzor has upgraded its electronic communication with operators.

Russian telecom regulator sues google european gaming.

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The mistake was apparently the regulators fault, since the court ruling doesnt mention any ip addresses of the offending website, only its name. Roskomnadzor, the telecommunications regulator in russia, has reportedly blocked the domains of a whopping 14,500 online gambling websites in august.