Jon buck nvidia

Ian buck later joined nvidia and led the launch of cuda in 2006, the worlds first solution for general-computing on gpus. Ian begins by telling hosts jon and mark about his first project at nvidia, cuda, and how it has helped expand and pave the way for future projects in super computing, ai, and gaming.

Nvidia t4 with ian buck and kari briski google cloud.

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Jon buck nvidia

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Today on the podcast, we speak with ian buck and kari briski of nvidia about new updates and achievements in deep learning. Finance app gains nationally.

Jon buck nvidia

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Nvidia, the maker of gpus used in cryptocurrency mining operations, has given credit to mining for some of its massive growth this year. Since its inception, the cuda ecosystem has grown rapidly to include software development tools, services and partner-based solutions.

The host, john lovell, is a former army ranger, war veteran, and tactics and firearms instructor.