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It is the best hardware wallet in terms of security, durability and usability. The corazon by gray is a silver titanium device that happens to deliver on both counts.

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Corazon a titanium crypto & bitcoin hardware wallet.

Corazon is a limited edition titanium trezor model t bitcoin and crypto hardware wallet produced in collaboration by the gray and trezor families. The corazon is a collaboration by trezor and gray, it is built on the electronics of the trezor model t and enclosed in a titanium shell machined and assembled by gray.

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I think the word jaw-dropping is thrown in there as well. The trezor model t is arguably the most secure consumer hardware wallet on the marketplace, today, and boasts a robust slew of security features.

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Assuming there is no core difference we at beincrypto are unaware of, the gray corazon model is no different. Secure your cryptocurrencies like ethereum & ripple in the most trusted cold storage wallet.

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