Economist shiller says bitcoin

Economist robert shiller says bitcoin bubble may never burst. Bitcoin will likely totally collapse, nobel prize-winning economist robert shiller has told cnbc, adding that it reminds him of tulip mania centuries ago in the netherlands. Coinjar touch for android.

Nobel winning economist shiller says bitcoin bubble may.

The cryptocurrencys rise resembles that of a bubble, shiller says. In a new interview with time magazine, shiller notes, well, there will be a recession. While bitcoin may be a bubble, it may not burst and be gone.

Economist shiller says bitcoin

Remittances the sharing economy. Speaking at the world economic forum (wef) in davos, switzerland, shiller.

Bitcoin play? Nobel-prize winning economist robert shiller.

Burger king netherlands and. The noble prize winning economist has been a mainstay on programs like cnbc. Yale economics professor and nobel prize winner robert shiller discusses bitcoin.

Economist shiller says bitcoin

Bitcoin has gone viral as a currency and its price instability is a concern, economist robert shiller said thursday. Truly global cards. Yale professor of economics robert shiller has changed his tune when it comes to the longevity of bitcoin.

Economist robert shiller, who shared the 2013 nobel prize for his work on asset prices, says a us recession is inevitable and perhaps overdue. Robert shiller, nobel prize winning economist, is relatively positive about bitcoins future, even as a bubble.

Robert shiller says bitcoin is an interesting experiment.