Crypto markets trade flat

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Crypto markets trade flat following christmas eve dump. announces initial. Bitcoin is currently trading sideways, which is leading the crypto markets to experience a mixed trading session following yesterdays volatility.

Crypto markets trade flat

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Crypto markets trade flat as equities markets drop.

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Crypto markets trade flat

Flat, in the securities market, is a price that is neither rising nor declining. The traditional equities market, which has seen increased volatility over the past several weeks, is currently trading flat and one prominent investor believes further instability could be right around the corner.

This relatively small pump got many investors who viewed it as the christmas rally excited for what was to come, although the bears pushed the markets back down on december 24th. Bitcoin trades flat as crypto markets experience mixed trading session.

Earlier this week, the crypto markets rose slightly and were able to regain much of their recent losses. The internet will.

As the crypto markets continue to trade choppily, it is increasingly unclear as to whether or not they will start off the new year on a good note. The crypto markets stability over the past couple of days comes amidst major volatility in the traditional equities markets.

One way crypto investors can make money in sideways markets is arbitrage trading, which involves taking advantage of price differences in the market. Next article crypto isnt criminal money binance blocks funds from hacked exchange.