Coincheck to delist

As ccn reported, japans financial services agency (fsa) the regulatory agency that licenses cryptocurrency trading platforms to operate in the country is rumored to be pressuring exchanges to delist privacy coins.

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Coincheck to delist

These crypto-currencies will be bought from customers coincheck at a fixed price.

Coincheck announces plans to delist monero, augur, dash.

Recently hacked japanese cryptocurrency exchange coincheck has officially announced it will remove four major virtual coins from the trading list by june 18.

Coincheck to delist

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Japanese crypto exchange coincheck has announced that it plans to delist augur , as well as privacy-focused coins monero , zcash , and dash.

Coincheck to delist privacy coins monero, zcash, and.

The company needs to meet japans financial service agency (fsa) requirement which bans crypto coins with a high level of anonymity.

In addition to bitcoin (btc), we support transactions of ripple (xrp) and other cryptocurrencies.

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