Bitcoin blockchain startup factom

Bittorrent inventor bram cohen.

Factom einfach erklärt - blockchain-nachrichten.

Blockchain startup factom has finished raising just over 8m as part of an extended series a round.

Bitcoin blockchain startup factom

Factom is a blockchain innovations company that empowers you to see the world differently.

Blockchain startup factom launches pegnet stablecoin.

, the blockchain technology company that secures data via decentralization, announces that it has raised a series a round of equity funding led by tim draper of draper associates.

Bitcoin blockchain startup factom

Blockchain startup factom launches pegnet stablecoin system posted on august 22, 2019 blockchain startup factom has launched a decentralized, non-custodial, fully auditable network of tokens pegged to different currencies.

Austin-based blockchain startup factom, known for leveraging the bitcoin blockchain for projects including plans to secure land titles in honduras, has raised over 8 million as a part of its extended series a funding round.

Bitcoin blockchain startup factom raises 4. 2 million in.

Releases the naga group.

We are delighted to have venture capitalists of such calibre help us build factom, peter kirby, ceo and co.

Die f-blockchains beweisen die existenz eines dokuments zu einem bestimmten zeitpunkt und die bitcoin blockchain stellt sicher, dass bei factom alles mit richtigen dingen zugegangen ist.